Grade *Paid in Full **10-month plan ***9-month plan
Pre-K $4,400.00 $440.00 $488.89
K $3,800.00 $380.00 $422.22
1st – 6th $3,300.00 $330.00 $366.67
7th – 8th $3,500.00 $350.00 $388.89
9th – 12th $3,800.00 $380.00 $422.22

*If paid in full by August 1,  you will receive a 10% discount. Discount does not apply to Pre-K tuition. If you choose to pay tuition in full and your child does not continue through the school year with us, you may receive a refund for tuition for full quarters that have not begun, but if the quarter has begun, tuition will be refunded only for the remainder of the year.
** Tuition is paid over a 10-month period with the initial payment due August 1 and final payment due May 1.
*** Tuition paid over a 9-month period with the initial payment due September 1 and final payment due May 1.

Registration $150.00
Re-enrollment Fee $100.00
Testing Fee $50.00
^Late Fee Re-enrollment $40.00
^^Late Fee, Tuition $20.00
^^^Curriculum Books $250.00

^Applied to re-enrollment fee if not paid by April 1st.
^^ Applied to bill if tuition is not paid by the 5th of each month
^^^ This is an overall average. Please refer to Book List for specific amount.

2018-2019 School Year

Pre-K/ Kindergarten $168.90
First Grade $233.00
Second Grade $235.20
Third Grade $246.70
Fourth Grade $251.40
Fifth Grade $243.65
Sixth Grade $248.64
Seventh Grade $253.05
Eighth Grade $255.68
Ninth Grade $281.20
Tenth-Twelfth Grade Please call the office for exact amount; average per student ranges from $200.00 to $281.20.
No student will be allowed to come to school without the first month’s tuition and all necessary fees paid in advance.
*Book fees for re-enrolling students are due by July 18.